Fetch and Serve

"If You Want It, We'll Go Get It"


Basic and General Pricing
Deliveries within a 10 mile radius of pickup and drop off = $10
Deliveries more than 10 miles for pick up and drop off = $15

Other Pricing
We reserve the right to determine pricing depending on the service.  For example, if you request for an errand that takes hours and extra labor to complete the charge will likely be more than $15.  We will discuss these special prices via phone on a case by case basis if they apply.

All Purchases must be paid for before drop off or at drop off.


We reserve the right to decline any business.

*If a grocery order reaches its price cap while we are picking the order, all remaining items on the list will be cancelled unless a new price cap is affirmed by you [the customer].

We are not liable for any actions and services performed by anybody we refer you [the customer] to.  However, we strive to only refer you [the customer] to people that we [Fetch and Serve] have good faith in as far as their skill, work etiquette, and ethics.

-By accepting our services, you agree to the terms above-